Ankara bags: Mak Nisy Collections

    I feel somewhat empty, as though there is a void that needs to be filled, it is just the emotion that threatens to consume me at this point, maybe it’s the song am listening to, it's Stay by Rihanna, I actually get absorbed into the music I listen to, it touches my soul I think, and now I feel sober, but not to ruin the mood, have you been thankful today? I hope you have, what do you feel today? Hope happy?

   I think I am filling the void with a make-up haul and shopping hauls, will show you my new acquisitions later, but today, I am back to Ankara bags. My last blog post was all about Hesey Designs but today, its MAK NISY COLLECTIONS , now I noticed something, while Hesey Designs are somewhat bright, has that pizzazz and draws attention with its cuts which are  unique, Mak Nisy’s bags are what I would like to call the classics, forever lovely, it is somewhat conventional(its shape) I would say that this is the perfect collection for me, I like the their use of prints and these bags appeal to all age groups, young and the matured woman who needs something that reflects her personality, I would buy a Mak Nisy bag for my mother because I know that whatever cut, size or shape I get, she would love it all the same, for those that like to stick to the conventional  or the old and timeless classics, this is a brand for you. Their bags come in different sizes so it is left to you to pick the one that will fit the purpose, I could use a Mak Nisy bag and be comfortable with the knowledge that I am getting subtle but admiring glances from people who wonder at the Ankara, lace,jean or even leather material used to make my bag or clutch. They have got satchels,totes,clutch bags , Ankara shoes and accessories available for sale too.

     In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a Mak Nisy bag on your arm, it is that piece that could tie your attire together, in my book, the cuts of this collection can be qualified as “Timeless Fashion”

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Blue Coil Ankara Big Sling Bag

Red Jumping Horse Ankara Sling Bag

Yellow/Red Star Ankara Satchel Bag

Blue Star Satchel Ankara Bag

Yellow/Blue Star Ankara Big Sling Bag

Blue Butterfly Ankara Big Tote Bag

Denim and ankara bag

Star Print Satchel Ankara Bag

Red Mgbolodi Satchel Bag

Yellow Coil/Denim Block Satchel Bag

Red Kilikili Star Ankara Tote Bag

Ankara covered notepad

Blue Star Big Tote  Ankara Bag

Lace and chain bag
Have a lovely day Bunnies.


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